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A space just for me to tell you about myself. Are you sure?

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Toy cars, I want more toy cars. Lots and lots of toy cars.

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Generation 1

The new generation have started to arrive: Jonathan has married Candace Fleming and they have Arran Fleming French, (6/3/97), Francis Bruno French(12/1/99) and Lucian Fleming French (b.30/6/2000), and Toby married Lisette Cohen and they have a daughter, Lila May Caldwell,(b.26/3/99); and James and Nicole Katerina Zach have a daughter, Yasmine Aisha Zach Willment born 2/2/2000.

Generation 2

Anthony Mark Caldwell b.21/10/63, Sasha Karen Caldwell alias French b. 31/7/65, and Jonathan Stephen Tristram Caldwell alias French, b.10/12/67, Christopher Edward MacPhedran Caldwell b.15/11/72; Toby John MacPhedran Caldwell b.16/5/74; and Nemone Catherine MacPhedran Caldwell b.19/9/77 ,Victoria Ruth Willment b. 1/1/68; and James Thornton Robert Willment b.25/3/72.

Generation 3

Ian William Robert Caldwell, born 22nd July 1942, son of John Thomas Caldwell and Helen Turner Wilson, married (1) Anna Jadwiga Zofia Korzen, b.15/3/44 by who he had three children, Mark, Sasha & Jonathan. They divorced and Anna married John French; married (2) Gabrielle MacPhedran, b.13/10/41, by whom he had another three children, Christopher Toby and Nemone. They divorced and Gaby married Adam Hopkins; and married (3) Gillian Candlish Willment, nee Tribe, b. 5/4/39 by whom he had two step children, Victoria and James whose father was Clive David Willment.

Generation 4.

Helen Turner Wilson born 1914, daughter of William Mitchell Turner Wilson and Edith May Paynter, married John Thomas Caldwell (1901-1970)

Generation 5

Edith May Paynter (1889-1982), daughter of Henry Augustus Paynter and Henrietta Newman, married in 1913 to Dr.William Mitchell Turner Wilson (1882-1955)

Generation 6

Henry Augustus Paynter (1846-16/5/1919), son of Francis Paynter and Catherine Augusta Coleman, married Henrietta Newman (d.1914) on 11th April 1867 at St.George’s Church, Hanover Square and they had 12 children, 8 girls and 4 boys.

Generation 7

Catherine Augusta Coleman(1811-1880), daughter of Rv. Thomas Bernard Coleman and Annge Gregory Stackhouse, married (1)Francis Paynter of Clarence House Penzance (1798-1863) and (2) Edwin Newman of Hendford Manor, Yeovil in 1876.

Generation 8

Anne Gregory Stackhouse (1785-1862), daughter of Susannah Acton and John Stackhouse, married Rev Thomas Bernard Coleman MA (1782-1818)

Generation 9

Susannah Acton (1754-1834), daughter of Anne Gregory and Edward Acton, married John Stackhouse (1742-1819). Susannah was an only child and heiress of the Sollershope and How Caple estates in Herefordshire and part of the manor of Icomb in Gloucestershire.

Generation 10

Anne Gregory (1729-1780), daughter of William Gregory and Susannah Brydges, married Edward Acton (1724-1775) of Acton Scott, near Church Stretton in Shropshire.

Generation 11

William Gregory (d.1765), son of William Gregory and Elizabeth Geers, married Susannah Brydges of Tyberton Court, Hereford, daughter of William Brydges Esq. and Susannah Noel, daughter an co-heir of Edward Noel of the Inner Temple, who died 1st April 1723. William Brydges was Sergeant at Law and Justice of Assize in 1734, the second son of Marshall Brydges of Tyberton, also a Judge of the South Wales Circuit in the reign of Queen Anne. William Brydges had 8 children and Susannah was the eldest daughter. He outlived his son-in-law, dying on 12th October 1786 aged 73.

Generation 12

Elizabeth Geers of Icomb, daughter of Thomas Geers and Elizabeth Cope, married William Gregory (1676-1702), of How Caple, Hereford in 1698, when he was 22 but her husband died on 23rd April 1702 aged 26.

Generation 13

Elizabeth Cope (b.1635), daughter of Colonel William Cope and Lady Elizabeth Fane, married Thomas Geers of Marsh, Shropshire and was his second wife. He was first married to Sarah Colles, daughter and co-heir of Timothy Colles of Hatfield. Thomas Geers enriched his family by his marriages to heiresses.

Generation 14

Lady Elizabeth Fane (1610-1669), daughter of Sir Francis Fane and Mary Mildmay, married(1) Sir John Cope, third baronet, and after his death,(2) Colonel William Cope of Icomb. Her second husband obtained the Manor of Icomb, near Stow on the Wold, in 1654. A memorial plaque on the wall of the south transept of the parish church of St.Mary the Virgin at Icomb commemorates these two and at the bottom of the lengthy inscription are these words: “Lady Elizabeth deceased ye 10th day of October Anno Dom 1669. The sd. Will Cope dyed the 7th day of August 1691, who left 33 pounds per annum to poores uses in Icomb and Stow out of lands in his manor of Icomb, Anno Aetas Sue 79.”

Generation 15

Sir Francis Fane (1579-1628), son of Sir Thomas Fane and Mary Elizabeth Neville, married Mary Mildmay (1583-1640). Francis, the eldest son of Sir Thomas Fane, was knighted at the coronation of James I on 15th July 1603, and was advanced to the titles of Baron Berghersh and Earl of Westmorland on 29th December 1624. He was created Lord le Despencer on his mother’s death in 1626 but died on 23rd March 1628 aged 45. His wife, Mary was the daughter of Sir Anthony Mildmay, (d.1617) the eldest son of Sir Walter Mildmay, (1520?-1589) Queen Elizabeth’s Chancellor, and Mary Walsingham (the sister of Sir Francis Walsingham, Secretary of State).


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